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Frank Monte Centurion: Build Your Own Business

Frank Monte, the Owner and Founder of Centurion

As the owner of Frank Monte Centurion, a highly respected marketing firm offering a variety of products, Frank Monte knows that the secret to building a successful business has everything to do with resilience and a willingness to get your hands dirty. In addition, some basic tips and tricks of the trade may help, such as the following:

  • Make sure that your market wants what you have to offer. You might feel particularly passionate about a service or product that, in all reality, doesn’t serve a need in your community. Know who your buyers are and focus on your niches.

  • Consistently look for ways to streamline your process to keep your costs low. Especially in the beginning, it’s crucial to look for innovative ways to cut or minimize expenses to help get you going faster.

  • Focus on your marketing strategy. You have to get the word out that your business is going to make people’s lives better, so get going early on your leads to attract new clients as early as possible.

Frank Monte knows that Centurion and his additional companies are proof that hard work pays off if you have the right approach and attitude.

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