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Frank Monte Centurion: Fighting for What’s Right

Frank Monte, owner of the marketing firm Frank Monte Centurion, was approached by an attorney in 2012, just two years following the infamous 2010 BP oil spill that nearly decimated the Gulf of Mexico. The attorney, attempting to convince Monte to file a claim for damages against the energy giant, changed his life forever, providing the impetus for what would become a massive, tireless effort to not only bring a bit of financial justice to those affected up and down the Gulf Coast, but to hold BP accountable for their actions.

What began as a request to file a claim against BP quickly transformed into a mission for Centurion owner Frank Monte, who took on the cause of holding BP accountable with unmitigated zeal. Dropping everything, Monte combed through the BP settlement only to discover a monumental attempt at obfuscation. This led to Monte’s development of a multi-tiered marketing campaign, one involving friends, fellow business owners and seminars dedicated solely to spreading word of BP’s settlement, as well as the need to file claims as much and as often as possible.

Though Frank Monte’s fight for justice was difficult and, at times, wrought with peril, his years-long effort produced significant results, leading to the filing of more than $50 million in claims for more than 400 victims.

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