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Frank Monte Centurion: Holding BP Accountable

Frank Monte Centurion an Marketing Firm!

As the owner of Centurion, a respected marketing firm specialising in numerous products, Frank Monte knows that Frank Monte Centurion company with humble beginnings has had the capacity to change lives, specifically in regard to the 2008 housing crisis and the Deep Horizon oil spill in 2010. Monte knows that, as a victim, knowing how to move forward to claim what is rightfully yours can be both a confusing and intimidating process.

In addition to being an international tragedy, the Deep Horizon oil spill caused a barrage of problems for hundreds of business owners on the east coast, and while BP tried to satisfy these business owners by offering a small sum of money to cover damages while, in the end, they were deserving of much more. Though it was a long and arduous process, Frank Monte Centurion made it happen for these clients by filing over 50 million dollars in claims for over four hundred businesses who were adversely affected by the spill.

It’s with this productive energy and interest in the everyday businessman that Frank Monte aspires to be a lawyer. His team at Centurion is always thrilled to receive new clients.

Visit : for more information about Frank Monte Centurion.

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