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Frank Monte Centurion: Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Frank Monte Centurion

Frank Monte of Centurion, Black Sands Real Estate, and Bond Auto Glass knows that launching a business is a giant leap toward the future you’ve imagined for yourself. If you’re a new business owner, marketing is key, and the following tips may help you get started on the right foot.

  • Using social media to your advantage and blogging sites are easy and free ways to get your name out there. Using platforms that will allow your potential clients to get a feel for who you are is important, making it easier to get a full picture of the heart of a company and how it works.

  • Looking for high concentrations of potential clients may save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. Attending trade shows and speaking engagements or conferences allows you to mix and mingle as well as learn from other companies who share the same market as you.

  • Creating a video to post on your website or blog helps create a more human experience, providing face-to-face interaction that’s difficult to achieve otherwise.

At Centurion, Frank Monte’s team is dedicated to reaching out to potential clients in new and innovative ways.

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